Lucien Smith Studio

Untitled (Wisdom Tooth), 2024

Lot 1

Wisdom tooth, velvet jewelry box, and plastic display case. Image copyright © Lucien Smith Studio, Inc. 2024

Wisdom tooth, velvet jewelry box, 
and plastic display case

Image copyright © Lucien Smith Studio, Inc. 2024

This singular artifact is a direct, physical extension of the artist, embodying the intimate and personal nature of his creative expression.

The wisdom tooth, carefully extracted and preserved, is a testament to the intersection of the artist's body and his work. As Smith reflects on this offering, he invites collectors and viewers to engage with the deeply personal nature of this piece. It stands as a metaphor for the artist's journey, growth, and the shedding of the past.

Smith's decision to present his wisdom tooth as an art piece challenges conventional perceptions of art and value, much like the groundbreaking works of predecessors who blurred the lines between the artist's body and their creations. This act of sharing a part of himself underscores the continuous cycle of creation, presentation, and reinterpretation that defines the art world.

As with many of Smith's works, the wisdom tooth serves as a provocative commentary on the commodification of the artist's essence, offering a tangible connection to the creative process and inviting contemplation on the nature of art and identity.